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Our Objectives

  • To come up as centre of excellence in the field of Education by adopting Modern techniques and training.
  • To provide Teacher education of the highest standard by using different teaching skills in the field of the teaching profession.
  • To prepare Ideal, dedicated, disciplined, devoted teachers for modern integrated society.
  • To use education technology, especially, information communication teaching and learning.
  • To promote academic excellence, discipline, personal character, high sense of ethical and moral values and spirit of national integration among the pupil teachers.
  • To illumine the self - interacting dynamics of reasoning ability and make free from fear, conflict and development of overall personality of pupil teachers.
  • To Establish and/ or aid other institutions engaged in the advancement of study of our research works of great Acharya, Saints and Scholars in Indian Philosophy.
  • To Promote capabilities for inculcating national values and goals as mentioned in the constitution of India.
  • To be sensitive student teacher about emerging issues such as environment, population, gender equity, legal literacy etc.
  • To inculcate rational thinking and scientific temper among the student teacher.

Chairman's Message

Gayatri Mantra

Om bhur bhuvah svah
tat savitur varen(i)yam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo nah prachodayat

"Let the brightness of the universe awaken our knowledge"

I expect the innovative students in the spanking new academic session may also work with bright energy and enthusiasm. May this academic session bring out the best teachers with better qualities.



Trustee Message

A warm and pleasure welcome to everyone...

The primary aim of our college is to offer holistic education to the student community which will pave the way for them to emerge as socially responsible citizens in course of time and render significant contribution to our future India. 

Besides enlightening the minds of the students in their respective fields, the teaching fraternity of our college makes earnest efforts to inculcate the ethical values in the minds of the students. By doing so, our college students are transformed into noble beings.

It is my dream and desire that our students should obtain an overall development and reach out to an elevated position in the society, serving the people with a sense of absolute commitment and dedication I wish one and all with best wishes...

It is my most honor and joy to welcome each an everyone to our college.


Director's Message

"Dream is not that which you see while sleeping and it is something that does not let you sleep".

I have immense pleasure to welcome you all to our Merit college of Education. You should always dream high to scale up new altitudes in your life. To succeed in your life, you must have single minded devotion towards your goal. Wherever you serve, you should be always sincere, devoted and dedicated.

You must uphold the dignity of yourself, your institution and the Nation by disciplined behavior showing loyalty and integrity under all circumstances to succeed in your life.

When you join merit, you feel that you are in an excellent institution which provides you a quality higher education.

Once again, I welcome you all whole-heartedly... And Best wishes...

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