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Infrastructure or Facilities


Our college library contains adequate volumes of books on various subjects that helps to improve our students knowledge. National and International Magazines which are related to teaching of education as well as more number of journals are provided for updating students intelligence. Not only curricular but also the books regarding general knowledge and competitive exams are also updated in our MERIT book house.

Highlights of our Library

  •   Above 3,000 volumes of books
  •   Open at 8.30 am and remains till the college is over
  •   Uninterrupted Internet facility with High speed
  •   Photostat copying and Printing facility is available
  •   Five different News Paper to get day to day activities
  •   A question bank comprises previous board exams is available


Educational Technology Laboratory

Meeting the demands of the technologically advanced era, our college has well equipped educational technology lab to make the students acquainted with the use of different technologies in Teaching and learning process. All the latest educational technologies like computers, overhead projector, LCD projector are provided in the laboratory.


Psychology Laboratory

Psychology lab is an integral part of the faculty of education as the knowledge of psychology is essential for the prospective teachers. The main objective of this laboratory is to acquaint the students with various tests, to develop necessary skills in them for administration and interpretation of test, so that they can know about learner and they can help in development of balanced personality of the learner.

The psychology lab in our college is well equipped with various psychological experiments and tests to impart the practical knowledge of assessing different behavioural aspects like intelligence and to develop creativity and skilled aptitude.


Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory has a set of modern computers with latest updated softwares and hardwares to facilitate the students with practical knowledge of using computers in their teaching and learning process.

Especially the computer has advanced internet facility and printing, scanning too with guidance.


Science Laboratory

The college has its own well equipped and furnished physics, chemistry and biology laboratories for providing the students ample opportunities to conduct the experiments with scientific knowledge and principles.

Science laboratories are equipped with sophisticated equipments and lab tools serving all disciplines of science. The student get practice using equipments and accessories effectively before they go for teaching practice. They prepare instructional cards and slides to make effective skills.


Language Laboratory

In the era of information technology, where the world is dynamically evolving into a virtual global village, communicating with fluency is the key to success. Our college has an advanced digital language laboratory with the updated softwares.

The language laboratory has an audio or audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching. Language lab contains a study room equipped with electronic sound reproduction devices enabling students to hear model pronunciation of foreign languages and to record and hear their own voices as they engage in pattern drills.



The students can accommodate the college hostel. Our college has separate hostels for boys and girls with proper ventilation and spacious rooms. There is a peaceful and greenly atmosphere that makes our students to feel like home. More hygienic and healthy foods are served in the college hostel for the students. Securities and Medical facilities are always kept to face critical circumstances with care.



Our transport facility covers four directions such as from Kadayam, Alangulam, V.K.Puram and Tirunelveli. It interconnects the different parts of area surrounding our institution. Transport is provided at a reasonable cost for all the students.



Our Institution has a neat canteen facility which provides the students delicious food, snacks and stationery things at a reasonable cost.

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