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Student's Activities

Co - curricular Activities

Seminar: The College of Education, apart conducting the regular classes and other diploma programmes, also conducts various in-service training programmes, refresher courses on values education, staff enrichment activities in the domain of Knowledge expertise and other relevant topics. The college also organized various State level, National level, International level seminars for all college, university, school teachers etc.

Conference: A well planned and systematic National and International Conferences have been conducted with the eminent and excellent experts of different universities and colleges by presenting research papers in co-operation with the university and organizations.

Extracurricular Activities

Science Club

  New inventions are one which shows the development of a country. In our college, science club organics different kinds of science activities such as science exhibition, seminars on advanced scientific research and innovation works to motivate the students towards all disciplines in science word.

Environmental club

  •   To preserve and protect the natural resources of the mother earth and to cultivate eco- friendly attitude.
  •   To keep the merit Campus cleanliness
  •   Each and every year, our college organizes GREEN DAY celebration to implement environmental activities on 5th August

Cultural Club

  To establish and develop the innate talents of the individuals by organizing cultural activities for personal function, Christmas Celebration, Independence Day and Republic day Celebrations.

Social Club

  •   To render service to the needy with love and care.
  •   To organize social require camp like citizenship training camp to reach out the needy especially in the local areas.
  •   Every year our college organizes a citizenship training camp for five days for our students. It will be conducted in a rural area. Various awareness campaign activities and cleaning activities are done by the students.

Counseling Committee

  •   The students can obtain the guidance regarding curricular, Extracurricular activities and about their academic performance.
  •   Moreover, psychological counseling is given to the students for making them a good person to the society.

Anti - Ragging Committee

  •   Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus. There is an Anti- Ragging cell which consists of Experience staff members to monitor the ragging issues.
  •   The students can convey their ragging problems to the Anti- ragging committee members. Immediate action will be taken against the issue.
  •   A complaint box is also provided to get the ragging issues.

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