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    Application forms for admission into B.Ed regular programme are available in the B.Ed college Office, From 15th may every year. Details regarding the application fee, course fee and the last date for applying the course can be obtained in person from the college office. The admission committee of our college provides admission to eligible candidates.

    The admission committee selects the candidates as the norms prescribed by the University. At the time of admission, a candidate should bring all the original certificates keeping adequate photo copies. Originals once handed over to the college office will be returned only at the end of the course.

    The Candidates should have passed U.G. Degree examination in the 10+2+3(15 years) or 11+1+3(15 Years) stream. Within the same main subject in part III for which he or she is seeking admission to B.Ed course. Candidates with the following marks in the Bachelor’s degree are eligible for admission to the programme other than Economics and Commerce subjects of which P.G. Qualification is mandatory.

    Economics and Commerce students should secure 50% of the marks in the P.G. Degree alone.

    Community/category Minimum marks
    OC 50%
    BC 45%
    MBC/DNC 43%
    SC/ST 40%
    Application Form Download Here

    Rules for Students Regarding Attendance and Grant of Leave of Absence

    All leave applications duly filled in must be submitted in the office or sent by post, so as to reach the College Office of Attendance one day earlier.
    Absentees for one hour in a section will be treated as being absent for that session.
    Leave on any day is also treated as absent for the calculation of term days.

    General Conduct Of Students

    Every student shall be dressed decently and appear smart.
    No student shall leave the classroom without the permission of the Professor or until the Professor had left the room or has asked the class to disperse.
    Any damage by students to the college property/ furniture or building will be made at their expenses and those responsible for such be dealt with severely. Collective fines will be imposed for any damage if the cause of which cannot be traced to any individual.
    A Student taking part in communal or political activities will be severely dealt with. They will forfeit scholarships and other benefits awarded to them.
    Students guilty of using unfair means in the examination will be dealt severely.
    Stringent action will be taken against students indulging in Eve-teasing as per TN Prohibition of Eve-teasing Act 1998.
    Ragging is strictly prohibited. Whoever involves ragging in any manner shall be punishable with imprisonment and fine.
    The students of the college are expected to behave both inside and outside the college in such a way as to maintain the good name of the college as well as their own.
    Students whose behavior in the judgement of the principal or any other college authority is undesirable ( or of unwholesome influence) shall be taken off the rolls without assigning any reason.

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